A Forever Memory

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  1. chicken4prez
    In June 2015 we ordered 10 chicks from our local feed store. When we opened the little box of peepers we saw a wonderful surprise; instead of 10 chicks we got 11! Usually chicks die because of diseases and such so that's why we got an extra but thankfully we had no deaths.

    In the box we had:

    3 Rhode Island Reds
    4 Black Sex Links
    4 White Sussexs

    What a joy these chicks were!!! Their little peeps were such a glorious sound and me and my siblings couldn't stop playing with them. My mom practically had to drag us away from the little chicks. [​IMG]

    Names are always hard to choose, but, with some help from our friends, we had the names picked in advance:

    Hazel, RIR
    Candice, RIR
    Raspberry, RIR

    Hannah, BSL
    Lavender, BSL
    Midnight, BSL
    Sarah, BSL

    Pearl, LS
    Henrietta, LS
    Sunshine, LS
    Jelly-Bean, LS

    Too soon, our "chicks" 1st birthday was coming up. We were going to make them corn-bread muffins for a special treat. But then, tragedy struck. Henrietta died unexpectedly of either worms or dehydration on May 17 2016. I was devastated. Back then I really didn't know too much about all these "sicknesses." It was all new to me. But thanks to BYC, I'm learning more and more about chickens everyday.

    Our chicks then turned to chickens. All was going well until another "chick", Hazel, was found dead in one of our nesting boxes. We're not really sure what happened but it looked like she had come up with a sickness that night.

    The days kept going by faster than ever. Chickens died, chickens came.

    One day our chicken Lavender almost drowned in our pond. She must have gotten scared from something and flew into the pond. Silly chicken. [​IMG] She lived, but then one day we found her under our food bucket almost suffocating. We hurried her inside and warmed her up and she was fine. Maybe she'll live forever. [​IMG]

    A few weeks ago, Candice fell ill. Hard time breathing, can't walk. Thanks to a ton of people who put Candice in their thoughts, @HeavensHens88 @TheKindaFarmGal @Cluckcluck1215 @PeepersMama and many more. Candice is getting a bit better everyday now.

    Then today, (April 12 2017) my hen Sunshine developed a sickness in the morning and died the following afternoon. I was totally surprised how quick she left us.

    Here's some pictures of everyone:







    I'll keep adding to this!!!!!

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  1. chicken4prez
    Thanks! Yeah it is. :-(
  2. MissNutmeg
    Aw, they are just too cute! I'm sorry about Henrietta and Sunshine. It's always tough to lose a feathered friend.
  3. chicken4prez
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