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By chicken4prez · Aug 3, 2017 ·
  1. chicken4prez
    Hello everyone! A little while back I made a thread so you can ask questions you have about me! I appreciate all the questions and if you have anymore feel totally free to go and post!

    Q. When did you realize that you wanted to raise chickens?- @black_dove2
    A. It was in 2009 I believe…. we got 12 RSLs and they were amazing!

    Q. How many chickens do you have and how many pets?- @Cluckcluck1215
    A. I have 39 chickens and 8 other pets.

    Q. Do you have any ducks? If so, how many?- @vachick15
    A. No, I don’t have any ducks but it would be nice to have some in the future! They're soooooo cute! <3

    Q. What is your favorite animal?- @RiverStorm

    Q. Do you like Burritos better or doritos?- @PeepersMama
    A. Doritos....... DUH......

    Q. What's your middle initial?- @PeepersMama
    A. H!

    Q. How many chickens do you have?- @caboodleschicks
    A. I have 39 wonderful chickens!

    Q. Do you have any other animals other than chickens?- @caboodleschicks
    A. Yes, I have cats, budgies and a fish.

    Q. What is your favorite hobby?- @caboodleschicks
    A. Well I have a couple… kayaking, watching my chickens play, trampoline, nail art and card making!

    Q. How much land do you (or your parents) own?- @micah wotring
    A. We have one acre of grass, dirt, weeds, bugs, and a pond. Oh, and a garden. I love my house!

    Q. Do you raise animals with profit in mind or just as pets?- @micah wotring
    A. Just pets! One day I’m planning to raise and sell Ayam Cemanis.

    Q. If you could only have one breed of chicken for the rest of your life, what would it [email protected]
    A. SILKIES!!!!!! So fwuffy and silky and......... well..... EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!!!!!

    Well that't it for now! Thanks so much Mage, Kyndra, VA, River, Zelda, Autumn and Micah for entering!

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