Coop Design
Hi there:

I'm assuming that what I have is what you're looking for...I didn't have any designs to go by, but while trying to find something that was visually pleasing, I found a children's playhouse that looked nice...I downsized the floor area, and put in an enclosed run underneath to utilized the small area I wanted to devote to the coop...I can give you more details, but want to make sure that this is the stuff you're looking for...Molly and her chicks Penelope and Priscilla are my first hens, and just yesterday, I got my first egg from Molly...
The Beginning

To Start

Cleared Spot



Interior 1

Interior Hatch

Nesting Boxes

Refreshment Station




Start Siding

North Side

Finish South Side

Finish Siding

Finish North Side

Finish Run

Finish Front

Our First Egg