A Frame Chicken Coop

By BYC Support · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. BYC Support
    Coop Design
    Hi there:

    I'm assuming that what I have is what you're looking for...I didn't have any designs to go by, but while trying to find something that was visually pleasing, I found a children's playhouse that looked nice...I downsized the floor area, and put in an enclosed run underneath to utilized the small area I wanted to devote to the coop...I can give you more details, but want to make sure that this is the stuff you're looking for...Molly and her chicks Penelope and Priscilla are my first hens, and just yesterday, I got my first egg from Molly...
    The Beginning

    To Start

    Cleared Spot



    Interior 1

    Interior Hatch

    Nesting Boxes

    Refreshment Station




    Start Siding

    North Side

    Finish South Side

    Finish Siding

    Finish North Side

    Finish Run

    Finish Front

    Our First Egg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nardo
    "Perfect yard and setting"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    Really nice coop and good pics showing the process. Funny how hardly anyone keeps plans if we ever even draw them up.


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  1. ariconnie48
    Your coop is beautiful!
  2. DianaMallory
    To cute! Just one question, How do you access your nesting boxes?
  3. awesomechicken
    how much did it cost you ?
  4. Adoravachick
    What an adorable coop! I would love something so cute.
  5. osheaclan
    Adorable! We just got 4 pullets and have converted my daughter's old playhouse into a chicken coop and we have also used tile but on the floor to make it easier to when we have to clean it. I will have to post a picture one of these days, the exterior looks similar.
  6. chickengirl99
    i could LIVE in there!! (if it was big enough..lol)
  7. MrsSerfesME
    That is so cute! I have been searching for ideas on here as we want a functional coop that's also attractive and I love this idea. The wood floors and vinyl on the walls are a great idea.
  8. Habibs Hens
    Thats not a Chicken Coop thats a Chicken Condoe
    WOW i'm speachless
    its Brilliant
  9. chickengirl99
    how expensive was it to build this coop??
  10. pmelton
    This is great Just what I'm looking for love the walls and front porch. Great job!!!!
  11. brownsunshine
    Super Cute! I wish we had taken pictures from start to finish. We plan to move this year, and I hope to get more chickens, so hopefully a new coop :) I've always loved the coops that look like houses. Great job, and BEAUTIFUL garden!! Way to go!
  12. CupOJoe42
    Looks like a little dollhouse! Very cute!
  13. carolsparkle
    It is sooo cute. I like the vinly on the walls.
  14. chinky5
    this is so cute. my very first coop is functional, but the next one is going to be cute!
  15. Farmergirl4life
    What an adorable coop! Wood floors and tile walls, how cool!
  16. paul87
    Nice coop how long did it take you to build it and where did u get the idea from. i am looking at making a new one soon as my coop has not been treated.
  17. Lotus
    hi there,your idea is great,the interiors are neat n tidy.the way u arranged ur molly's egg is superb.even we got our chickens yesterday.out of 12 we got 10.i'd like to know wat is the rate of your coop.

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