A Frame Tractor 6x4

By pizzamanhoxie · Jul 1, 2012 · Updated Jul 20, 2012 · ·
  1. pizzamanhoxie
    This A Frame tractor is designed for 3 to 6 chickens. The footprint is six feet by four feet, for a total of 24 square feet. I built it without a plan. It's pretty simple, and is roughly based on similar designs to what I've seen on BYC. Cost to build was about $80. I already had the shingles and a bit of scrap wood on hand, which helped to keep the cost down. It has a large door on one side of the A, and an egg door on the other side. The wheels are 5 inch (solid), and are bolted to the back 2x4. To move it, you lift up the front end by the handles, and lift it like a wheel barrow. It's too big of a reach for one child to move, but an adult can do it alone with a little bit of work. The enclosed roosting area is about a foot off the ground, and is roughly 2.5 feet by 3 feet.


    The pullets at work...

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  1. Nardo
    "Great pictures showing how to"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Nice A-Frame. Good job.
  2. Anonymous
    "Pics of the outside, minimal text"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 5, 2018
    Just FYI: chicken wire will keep chickens in, but it doesn't keep predators out


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  1. Tikkajazz94
    Very nice! What does the inside look like?
  2. pizzamanhoxie
    It's about 4 feet tall.
  3. judyki2004
    Very cute!
  4. Euphillia
    LOVE IT!! How tall did you make it?
  5. DarthCluck
    Looks good!
  6. firestrike09
    Nicely done! might have to steal this plan
  7. ImportTheBest
    I love it! Well done.

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