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By geebs · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. geebs
    I have a background in equine science, photography and research. I teach proper equine footcare lesson as well as being a barefoot hoof groom "farrier"... I used to drive iron but found a better way. I worked as a large animal rescue agent for many years. I have been raising chickens for over 10 years. I work with at risk youth and kids and adults with Autism. I teach balance through horsemanship and life skills through animal husbandry. I like to live as natural in my environment as I can and try to be a good steward. I understand that the planet is a shared place and I value others ideas as much as my own... I teach Horse, chicken and goat 4h. I am on hand to help the FFA and also a trainer for Oregon High School Equestrian Team for which I have sponsored several students over the years. Working with young adult and youth is my first love. I love to use animals as a tool to teach life skills. I have helped film a series for television about the Christian Horseman. Nice to meet you!!! I am a Jane of all trades and a master of some...

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