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By geebs · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. geebs
    Those of you that are close friends already know that this year brought on a boatload of grief as I lost my best friend...She was 31 and we rode everywhere together... Sometimes I would lead.... Often times my trusted friend would. I can't tell you what she meant to me... there just aren't words... Those of you that shared a relationship like this will understand... She was an arabian horse that I had the priviledge of being friends with for 1/2 her life... I am deeply saddened by the loss... she crossed over rainbow bridge on November 4th 2010 just 2 days after my daughters horse Rikki.... It was a bad week around here for sure... The deaths were unrelated, though tragic. I will somehow find the will to ride...but it will not be the same... My mare and I didn't win ribbons together but shared a partnership...giving and taking equally... fairness on both 1/2's. I chose to ride her bareback and bitless and some of the time at complete liberty. She was that trustworthy.. When I laid her to rest she kneeled willingly and let me help her into the great beyond... She joins several other great friends on the other side of Rainbow Bridge... Say "hi" to the great Orpheus for me known as Master tracker to most... but to me the great Orpheus.... and my girl Ginny is the grandaughter of the great Azraff and Bask.... Everyone misses her... She was all that... in her 30's she could still bring in a 19 in barrels...Not bad for an old lady...

    Well I am rambling... just suffice it to say... there just isn't enough words in the world.

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