Hey! I am in NW Indiana, and my GF and I recently got into chickens this spring. ( zoo357) I have had feathers around the yard before, she has not. I have built several Tractor coops now, from used and salvaged materials, and our (my) idea of having a few fresh eggs has turned into a flock of over 60 birds growing now. This has turned into a new adventure for sure. I am a recycler and love free stuff, and converting junk to other uses. We are already having predator problems, but that is nature, The Mother. She cares for all her children, with the cycle of life, we tamper with. Without a soapbox we have purchased a few diferent breeds of chicks and that has gotten out of hand, and we now have a larger mix than I would be comfortable with. All hens, no roos, (that I can tell). I will post here occasionally, but my YL is all happy she found this board with all the information and interesting people. My experience is from some 15-20 years ago. But its still there. Thanks, for lookin'.