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By SmartyChick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. SmartyChick
    I'm Smartychick!

    a little about myself:
    -my favorite color is green
    -I'm a Middle Ages nut
    -I am a serious bookworm
    -I'm funny (or try to be)[​IMG]
    -I LOVE my animals!!! (which include goats, dogs, chooks, and a cat)
    -if my dog doesn't like you, there's a good chance I won't either
    -I am a nonteenagerish teenager, get it?
    I love to learn, thus my title. I HATE math, but love English, Writing, Animal Husbandry (technically not a subject, but to me it is), Law, Economics, and Literature.

    I collect antique books, if you have any you want to sell, PM me!

    I also want Silkies reeeeaaaal bad, if you have any adults for sale, PLEASE let me know!

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