This is my farm! It is unofficially named Amazing Grace Farm. It is named that for two reasons. First is for God my Lord's amazing grace that he has shown to me. Second it is named after a very spacial hen named Gracie Grace who survived a horrible predator attack that left her with a crooked neck, she was a fighter and soon learned how to live with her handicap. She is gone now since February 2010
but she will never be forgotten.
OK here are my "inside" animals, they don't contribute to the farm, but provide lot's of love

Here's my mutt rescue dog Albert, he is a real mommas boy, though very VERY naughty.

This is Tobi, my second cousin gave her too us for six months to "babysit" over 3 years later, I think she's a permanent inmate. ;)
She is in the Christmas spirit: NOT!

This is Morgan, she is my sisters dog. Morgan is a real princess

This is Tuck, he is our barn cat. He is a sweet boy, but not a very good hunter (sshhh don't tell my dad) he is 12 years old6

This is Tuck's sweetie Arya.

Arya is only 6 months old, much younger than Tuckie, but what's a mere thing like age to separate love?

I have 4 goaties... 2 little lamacha doelings, and two adults Alpines, a doe, and a wether (a fixed male)
Emma and Bernie-Trouble and Troublesome

Emma was bred in Oct and should hopfully give birth in the spring!
yes, Emma is the one with the beard, quit laughing.

Daisy and Lyla pics coming soon! I hope.....

And here is my secret crush, his name is Sunny Boy

more of Sunshine, cause he is awesome and that is just the way it is!

Sunny is lord over 8 hens: 5 Black Aussies and 3 Buff Orps.
the whole flock happily foraging in the front yard

YUM! The human through us some sunflower seeds!

Here is Mother she is the flock matriarch, she is named that because she went broody and hatched out some babies!

^ isn't she a beautiful lady?

here is Tina Ballerina, she is very pretty, but demon possed. LOL

And this is Viola she was orphanded and we raised her in the house by herself. She is such a sweet girl! As a chick she would perch on my algerbra book and that is my avatar.

Here is Deoxi, she is Sunny's girl thus her camo "dress" RIP just this week, you will be missed Deoxi!

Two Buffy butts

We have lot's more chickens now! Our babies have grown up and are laying, I also bought Silkies I am working on getting pics of them now

The new coop is all done! Yeah, pics of it are coming soon!
Here is the lay of the land. You can't see it very well because there are alot of trees. The red building to the left is the horse stables. The sheds in the middle are for storage, and wwaayyy in the back are the goats (you can see their gate in the middle backround).

So this is my farm! Isn't it great?? I update alot so check back often!
Have a great day and God Bless