Accessorizing Your Run- How to Make Your Run More Fun For Your Chickens

I love your ideas! I’ve recently expanded the outdoor space for my girls, but want to include fun things for them as well. Their run isn’t big enough for any extended amount of time locked up. I think the stairs is a great idea as well, I have extra scraps of wood that I could easily utilize!
Chickens also love fresh lettuces - I buy the organic spring mixes from local grocery and throw some out every few days or so. Their pecking sounds quicken as they get so excited! Also in another string we talked about bamboo leaves. These are great nutrition, full of vits/minerals and great for their microbiome. Chickens love bamboo leaves and they can hide in and climb in and out of bamboo limbs that are placed in their run!!
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Great idea with the apple. I've hung cabbage before, but never thought to hang an apple. Thanks for sharing!
We hang lots of fruits and veggies via rope (heads of lettuce are a favorite), but I never thought to score the item prior for easier eating. Thanks for the tips!
It sounds like your chickens are very entertained! I'm going to try some of these ideas!
All great ideas. I particularly like the step by step guide for hanging fruit.:)
Enrichment of poultry environment is very beneficial, same as for any confined beings. Whether you have to use a run part or full time for your flock, using some of the suggestions in this article will provide entertainment for chickens as well as encourage natural behaviors and minimize issues like feather picking. Most of it can be done with no or little expense. No need to peel apples for chickens though unless you you want to go the extra mile ;)
Thanks for the info, I have been thinking about ways to make their run more fun.
We have quite a large run so we have lots of room to set up all these fun things for the girls! I'm gonna go outside right now and start!
Includes a lot of very helpful information!
See my previous comments on this article!
View attachment 1783240 View attachment 1783237 Thanx for the tips! Love the hanging fruit! And love the ladder! My girls free range all day but rarely climb on the large branches & my ladder! They prefer my concrete patio! Lol! They do love scratching in the bamboo leaves & foraging for buggies & worms in the grass.
I’ve been looking for information just like this - thanks!
Great ideas! I am definitely doing the stairs!:love thank you!
All my hens have in their run is food, water, oyster shells, grit, and a couple perches. We just took down a swing that they never used.

I've never thought of such good ideas, so I am definitely going to try these.
Definitely going to try some of these. My flock used to free range then all the predators decided to attack (dogs, hawks, cats, and possums) so now confined to a pretty large run, but they need some excitement.
I free range in the back yard, so my actual coop area is kinda boring. These are good ideas to spice it up for the times I need to pen them up! :goodpost:
Good ideas! :thumbsup
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