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Advanced Chicken Training Techniques

By Nutcase, Jun 20, 2013 | Updated: Sep 14, 2013 | | |
  1. Nutcase
    The sequel to The All New: How to Train Your Chicken!

    Read it here.

    I will continue from the levels I've set up in my previous article, which leads us to Level 6.

    Advanced Chicken Training Techniques

    Here are some more ideas for training your chicken. If you want to use these methods, it's best if your chicken is a pullet between two and four months old. Chicks are very small and fragile, and grown hens can be very stubborn!

    Level 6: Completing more complex tasks on command. Single chicken. Pullets.

    For this level, you will need a setup like the one below: a steady bar which the chicken can grip. As you can see, the bar (or branch) is high enough for the chicken to walk under. You'll also need enough space to move around.


    Keep a treat or two handy. Place your chicken on one end of the bar (making sure it won't tip up). Call to your chicken (saying something like, "Walk, Blackie!") from the other end of the bar, showing her the treat. Ideally, you should remove any other food sources in sight so she doesn't decide to look for something easier. Your chicken should walk along the bar until she reaches the end. Feed her the treat and try it again. She will remember the command, "Walk!" if you say it every time.

    Doing too much training can easily undo all your efforts. Try to keep lots of treats involved, thus maintaining your chicken's interest.

    A reminder: Please don't forget that chickens have feelings too. We can have a lot of fun with them, but they are not toys or machines!

    I will add more to this article in the near future. Have fun!

    - Nutcase


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  1. hicksfamily
    these work great! thanks for the tips :D
  2. Nutcase
    @Bunny Lover67 20 tries = too many tries! Short sessions are better because your bird won't lose interest.
  3. BunnyLover44
    thanks for posting all these training tips, I have almost done this once after like twenty trys but my chicken wouldnt listen even with a treat.
  4. BunnyLover44
    A reminder: Please don't forget that chickens have feelings too. We can have a lot of fun with them, but they are not toys or machines!

    So true!
  5. ShelbyCoral
    I had a Hen do almost all of this! I could easily tell her to walk, run and more. Its so much fun! If you make it fun for the hen then she will enjoy it to.
  6. chickendadma
    Would love to see some more advanced techniques :)
  7. roostersandhens
    Looks good so far! :)
  8. Nutcase
    Thanks. This one needs more work though.
  9. Sandstorm495
    Cool article

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