Today, I looked outside into the screen room/lanai/Florida room thing and observed that the basket that we use to block the pet door was in its usual 'not in use' place, on the step up to the pet door. This was about four o' clock, maybe three thirty.

George came home about five thirty. He noticed Timora, our little hen, on the roost in her's & Albert's cage, alone. Winnie the Wonder Dog came in the pet door as George was going through the person door. Winnie paused and sniffed at the basket, which George observed was now upside down on the floor. He thought 'I wonder', and picked up the basket, and yep, there was Albert.

He apparently had tried to fly up on the basket and flipped it onto himself. He made no noise or commotion. I am glad I remembered that the basket had been upright, and about what time, or I would have felt awful, wondering how many hours ago he had become a basket case!