All of My Amazing BYC Friends!

By henny1129 · Sep 24, 2016 · Updated Nov 25, 2016 · ·
  1. henny1129
    Hello everyone! [​IMG] Through my time on BYC I have made some great friends and met some amazing people and I just want to take the time to recognize all of them. I'm sure that I'll still be meeting tons of great people, so I'll be sure to add new friends as regularly as possible! [​IMG]

    @Mountain Peeps , Sarah is such a sweet, kind, and Godly girl! She's always there to pray for your situation and is friendly to every member of the community. She's very knowledgable about chickens and is willing to share advice. Her articles and photography always seem so professional and it's always fun to read/look at it. Thanks for being such a wonderful community member Sarah!

    @ChickenLover200 , Izzy is so kind to everyone and is compassionate about her chickens. I enjoy hearing her stories of her mini horse, Eli, and it's fun to hear her progress with him. Really, she's just one of my good friends here because of how easy it is to talk to her and how friendly she is!

    @chicken4prez , Lily is so sweet and she has the most beautiful animals ever! I LOVE to see pictures of her chickens and her budgies, and I was quite excited when I heard she got some more chickens that I would gladly drool over (because I'm sure they're gorgeous, just like all her others [​IMG] ). She's so kind as to always post on my board and check in with me and I enjoy chatting with her so much!

    @Alexandra33 , Amari is sooo friendly and it's always a joy to me to see that she's online when I am. [​IMG] I enjoy seeing her beautiful pictures of her beautiful chickens, especially her Mille Fleur d'Uccles! She always has great advice and I think the World needs more people like her!

    @cutiechook1 , What a sweet, sweet girl! She has such pretty chickens and I just really enjoy chatting with her! What more is there to say?! [​IMG]

    @austrolover1 , I would say the same thing about Emma that I said about @cutiechook1 (they're sisters)! I don't know Emma quite as well, but she seems like a great community member.

    @Cluckcluck1215 , Kyndra is such a lively and happy person all the time! Her chickens are adorable and I love to hear stories about them. Talking to Kyndra is so much fun and whenever I or someone else is sad, she's always there to cheer me/them up!

    @RodNTN , Isabelle is so nice and I love talking to her about everything! We share the same obsessive passion of Fall/Autumn and we are so excited that it is just about here. She has a beautiful flock and I love to look at pictures of them! I love talking to her!

    @BunnynChicks , What a kind person! We met on my chat thread and it's been a joy getting to know each other and chatting all the time! Thanks for being sooo kind!

    @CuzChickens , I recently met Cuz and we became friends so fast! It's a joy to talk to her about whatever! And she's always welcoming new members and being kind to every member of the BYC community.

    @Flock Master64 , Jake is great to talk to and he always has funny things to say! I chat with him a lot on various chat threads and I occasionally see him on some Games, Jokes, and Fun threads too. [​IMG]

    @summerb123 , Summer is so entertaining and hilarious! We began chatting on my chat thread and now chat with each other quite often. I love being a part of her great contests!

    Thank you everyone who I've mentioned for being such great people! [​IMG] Please, if I've forgot someone tell me!! And remember, I'll always be adding new people I meet! Bye for now! [​IMG]


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  1. CuzChickens
    Awww, i just realized I am on here! Thanks, Abbey, yoi are a great friend! ((Hugs))
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Awww, thank you much, girly! *hugs*
  3. summerb123
    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :p
  4. henny1129
    Your welcome!!
  5. ChickenLover200
  6. henny1129
    Your welcome Isabelle!! Awe, love ya' back! *HUGS*
  7. henny1129
    Your welcome Lily! *HUGS*
      chicken4prez likes this.
  8. RodNTN
    Thank you soo much Abbey! I am TRULY honored to be called your friend!! Love you girl!!! *HUGS*
  9. Cluckcluck1215
    Your welcome!have a great day, abbey
  10. chicken4prez
    Thanks so much Abbey!!!!
  11. henny1129
    It's all true! Thanks for being such a great friend!
  12. Cluckcluck1215
    Aww abbey!thats so sweet!

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