My name is Al in the BYC I am known as al6517 I live in southwest Ok. I live in the country with my wife and lovely teenage Daughter, we have had chickens for many many years now. We have about WAY TOO MANY chickens, according to my wonderful wife= Standard White Cornish, Plymouth White Rocks, and Meat bird Cornish X's and quite a few project birds in the making that I think are coming along nicely. My main chicken addiction is breeding show Quality Standard Cornish, Whites, WLR's and Dark Cornish. we also maintain turkey pen's that currently house BBW's Bourbon Red's and Royal Palms. I am currently invovled in trying to develope my own barnyard meat bird this will take a very long time and I am looking forward to the many long hours of this project. I operate several incubators some homemade some commercial and enjoy hatching, feel free to check out my Incubator that Won the BYC Homemade Incubator contest in 2009, and my other pages and have a look, I really enjoy the BYC and I also attend many auctions and enjoy meeting BYC members who also attend, and catch up on whats going on in the chicken world.