Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

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    I have realized that there has been some confusion between the two breed, Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers. I think one of the biggest causes of confusion is that a lot of hatcheries and feed stores mislabel Easter Eggers as ameraucanas (usually spelled americanas) So below I listed some characteristics of both breeds.[​IMG]

    Easter Egger Characteristics
    • They arent an actually breed. And don have a standard they have to follow. So these are just common characteristics.
    • They do not come in a certain set of colors. They come in many different unique color combinations.
    • Lay blue, green, or pink eggs
    • Usually have pea combs (I have seen a few with single combs, it really just depends what else they are mixed with)
    • Have green, yellow, or ocasionally slate colored legs
    • Have a beard or muffs, and sometimes are clean faced




    some easter eggers from my flock

    Ameraucana Characteristics
    • Come in 8 accepted colors- white, black, blue, silver, buff, brown red, wheaten, and blue wheaten.Some people are working on color projects, but I am not going to list them.
    • Lay blue eggs
    • Have a pea comb
    • Have 4 toes
    • Have muffs
    • Have slate colored legs

    Sorry I don't have any pics of the ameraucanas from my flock, but you can get on the ameraucana breeders website and look at pictures of all the varities. Here is a link

    If you think there is anything I should add or change just let me know. I hope this will be helpful to someone lol.[​IMG]Thank you for reading this article.

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  1. chickery-do
    I have Americana's and they lay teal to green blue eggs. depending on who is laying. lol

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