An Amazing Story

By showgirl3 · May 29, 2014 ·
  1. showgirl3
    Alice, my white-crested black polish hen, went missing at like 2:00 pm, may 28, 2014. All hope was lost at about 5:00 the next day. We looked in the hay feild. She was nowhere in sight. We asked the neighbors if they saw her. they said they saw her in the corn feild on the other side of the group of houses yesterday. We headed there and looked everywere. Across the fence was the taxedermy place. The had a turkey and a small cage. We yelld "hey bird" and all we heard was the gobble of the turkey. One time we heard her small voice. I saw her in a small cage with food and water and an egg. We picked her up and took her home. We left the egg on the bench next to the shop. We took her home and she ran to her sister imedietly and ran into her, then she went straight to the food.

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  1. Mountain Peeps
  2. Laughing Raven
    Aawww..!!! That's super cute and so happy you found your little explorer safe and sound. Kinda scary she was at a taxidermy shop. lol At the end of the day at least all turned out for the good of things. She must have had her very own little guardian spirit. :)
  3. dikbiscuit
    What was she doing in the cage? The owner of the taxidermy place wasn't planning on stealing her were they?
  4. chickenneighbor
    It's great that you found her! Lucky hen!
  5. MOO0505
    oh, by the way i am showgirl3's brother
  6. MOO0505
    We were so happy when we saw her

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