An Experiment in Chick Sexing Methods

A continuous experiment on old wives' tale methods to determining the sexes of chicks.
By pipdzipdnreadytogo · Jan 17, 2017 · Updated Apr 12, 2017 · ·
Bantam Cochin 2017 Chicks.jpg Black Copper Marans 2017 Chicks.jpg Dark Dorking 2017 chicks.jpg Red Dorking 2017 Chicks.jpg Wheaten Marans 2017 Chick.jpg Wing Sexing example pic (not mine).png Chick sexing experiment cover picture.jpg Individual pics mashup.jpg silkied cochins 2018.jpg Mottled Cochin bantams 2018.jpg Sexed Dorking Pullets 2018.jpg Percent male female 8-25-18.jpg Percent Correct tests sexed chicks 9-7-18.jpg Percent correct all 8-25-18.jpg COCHIN BANTAM percent correct 8-25-18.jpg DORKING percent correct 8-25-18.jpg MARANS percent correct 8-25-18.jpg Percent Predictions Sexed chicks 9-7-18.jpg Peeper lineup.jpg Wing Split with gap.jpg Wing Split without gap.jpg peeps in a row.jpg bantam babies.jpg sexed pullets.jpg

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