An Experiment in Cinderblock Gardening

By ECSandCCFS · May 31, 2017 · ·
  1. ECSandCCFS
    Hello all! I wanted to try something with my garden this year. This article will be my ongoing documentation of it. I will try to post updates with pictures as it progresses. Suggestions and comments would be appreciated :)

    My goal is to see how tomatoes grown inside the holes of cinderblocks compare with tomatoes grown in a garden bed. They were transplanted within a few days of each other. I hoed the ground in the bed and underneath where the cinder block would be. Then, after placing the cinderblock where the ground was hoed, I added dirt and planted the tomatoes. Both sets have mulch added around the bases of the plants. I am hoping that planting in the cinderblocks will save space and reduce weeds. It's also possible that planting in cinderblocks would help keep the soil warmer, which could help with winter plantings and spring sowing. Here are some pictures of my set-up. These were taken about two weeks after the tomatoes were planted.The bamboo in the second set of pictures is for comparison
    In-ground garden
    Cinder-block garden


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  1. Whittni
    Well plants set roots radially naturally. If you plant the tomatoes in your garden the same distance from each other the same distance as the tomatoes in the cinder blocks to their inner walls, this isn't going to tell you much as an experiment. Lots of controls are missing?

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