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By ECSandCCFS · Jul 15, 2017 · ·
  1. ECSandCCFS
    We recently aquired some new pullets and a hen! For the rest of our flock, check this page:

    Lacey Joy
    Lacey is a white Silkie hen, very dominant and friendly. When we first brought her home, she was somewhat filthy, so she not only received a bath, but also a cut-and-color. So far, Lacey is the head hen in her little group, but when they are integrated with the other hens, I will not be too surprised if she usurps the current head hen, Georgia. Already she has had some spats with the others and came out on top, despite her small size and slightly limited vision. This little girl is a spitfire, but the most calm around me so far.
    When I first saw this pullet, I knew she needed to come home with us. Betsi is a lovely, graceful Light Brahma. She has the big, feathered feet typical of Brahmas and already the largest in her group. Betsi is nearly as friendly as Lacey, and despite the hot temperatures in summer, seems to be thriving here.
    Kit is hard to pin down as far as breed goes, with a single comb, grayish legs, red earlobes and white feathers(with one black feather, I believe). So far, I think she is an Austra-white, but any further suggestions would be appreciated. She prefers to hang around the new Barred Rock, Gerri, but will occasionally get close to me. Kit is very active and loves to move around, though she was a bit clumsy at first.
    Gerri, Gerri, Gerri, where do I start? She is the Barred Rock behind Betsi, because she is still convinced that I am going to kill her. Gerri has always been the least friendly, but she makes up for it with her slight insanity. She has survived more than a day and night outside. After I let her group out, she ran into the woods and shrubs. We were able to get her back in the next day, but another time, she ran away again for a day, but she was in the coop before nightfall that time. Also, instead of run away in a direction where the other pullets were going when I was trying to catch her, she decided that jumping on my face, over me was a better option. Gerri will now get within three feet of me, but that's about it.
    All four girls checking me out
    Gerri and Kit checking out the older hens
    Lacey, the mighty ball of fluff, challenging a hen on the other side
    Free range time!

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  1. sassysarah
    BEAUTIFUL Chickens! Your light Brahma looks just like mine! At first I thought it was!
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