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Anconas EEs and more

By farmerChef · Apr 2, 2012 · Updated Sep 29, 2013 · ·
  1. farmerChef
    Mottled Anconas




    Easter Eggers


    Silkied Cochin Project Silkied Dorking/Cochin

    BBS Jersey Giants (Currently with an Olive egger rooster)


    Araucana Rumpless EE rooster over Rumpless Araucana hen, both clean faced

    Blue Crele

    Splash Silkied Ameraucanas Silkied Rooster over Split Hens

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  1. tdhenson86
    Are you still doing a LF Silkied Cochin project? If so, PLEASE PM me. I am very interested in it!!!
  2. kimmie6067
    I love your pictures of your chickers
  3. MorningDOVE
    I love your pictures as well as your swap idea this is a great way of getting rid of things that you have no use for and your chickens are beautiful.Where are you from ? I have some Antique baking books as well as a bunch of other antique kitchen utansils used to have an antique shop for 26 years and now I have alot of cool things I would like to sell or trade. Laurie

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