Updated: 5/11/13

I will do side swaps, just PM me.

Swaps I owe:
GableBabble, 3/?, WYGS,6+ Malay/Blue Crele, and/or JGs
Profti, April, 6+ Project mix
Reesepoultry, April, 3+ S Ams, 3+ S Cochin

Swaps owed to Me:
MNShepherdess- Sheep fleece 2/9/12


Eggs: Please check above for shipping dates already taken

8+ LF Easter Eggers, Dominique and Splash Ameraucana Roosters over EE and Ameraucana hens, all EEs lay green eggs and 1 hen is beardless.

6+ LF Mottled Anconas, I also have a White Leghorn, a White Leghorn/Game hen, and a Black EE(green eggs) in this pen.

Eggs below I can only do 3+ for each breed, please pick 2 breeds above or below.

LF Black Sexlinks,(pair) Mottled Ancona Roo over a Dominique hen, female chicks hatch mostly black, males hatch black with a white head spot.

Project eggs:

LF Silkied Cochin-
Silkied Barred Lemon Splash DorkingX rooster over F1 barred pullet. F1 Barred Rooster over LF Barred Cochin, silkied splash dorking, and split(silkied) lemon blue dorking hens. All chicks from 1st pen will carry silkied gene, may hatch a few silkied ones. Chicks from 2nd pen may or may not carry silkied gene, it depends on which hen they come from. Barred hen has gone broody and hatched chicks before.

Bantam Cochin/Chocolate Orp, Frizzle black Cochin rooster over chocolate orpington hen. All black chicks, males will carry choc.

Or I can do a 8+ Hen's choice, can incluce anything above

Pictures of my birds can be seen here:


Pick 1:

Pick 2 or 3 below: (items, not pictures, unless otherwise stated)

small/kids flame backpack

I can include some tomato or herb seeds, no strawberry

hose sprayer, says it can hook up to any size bottle

bottom corners of the box is a little chipped under the rooster

candle is vanilla/pumpkin/apple, towels are a pumpkin orange color(15 pack)

silicone shot glass mold

deviled egg tray, plastic, get 4

Vampire Plagues, get all 3 as part of one swap

Pick 6-8 below:

(All Paperback)
Listed by Author:
Shana Abe: The Dream Thief
Kim Harrison: The Outlaw Demon Wails
Kelley Armstrong; Personal Demon
Karen Hawking: The Abduction of Julia
Angiela Knight/Diane Whiteside: Captive Dreams
Amanda Ashley: Night's Pleasure, Night's Master
Christina Dodd: Into the Shadow; Scent of Darkness
Christine Feehan: Safe Harbor; Water Bound; Turbulent Sea; Hidden Currents; Dangerous Tides; Spirit Bound; Wild Fire; Wild Rain; Burning Wild; Street Game; Murder Game; Mind Game; Lair of the Lion

Stuff I want:
Large Fowl:
Ameraucana, BBS, BBS Wheaton, Barred, White
Cornish, any color, prefer White Laced Red
Leghorn, black, dark brown, buff, mille fleur, red pyle, rosecomb any color
Wyandotte, Silver Penciled, red pyle
Penedesenca, Crele or Partridge
Rose Comb Ancona
Malay, BBRed, Red Pyle
Dark Brahma
Frizzle, any breed/color
Modern Game, any color
Silver Penciled, any breed
Red Pyle, any breed
Sebright, buff, chamois, or silver laced
Serama, silkied or frizzled, or sizzled
Modern Game, red pyle, lemon blue, birchen, silver blue, or self blue/lavendar
Silver Penciled, any breed

Other Stuff:
Antique/Old Baking books
Baking pans or kitchen gadgets/tools
Chicken books