Anconas, I love this breed too, they are a little bit flighty, but they compensate with the eggs they lay, very good layers, and they don't eat as much as my Orps hehehe, anyway I started with one Ancona a year later I got a roo, ( Bob ) well I got some eggs from them before my roo was taken from me by a predator, got 3 boys and 3 girls and a little girl(bantam) I don't know how that happened, but I sold her I'll show you a pic of her, here they are enjoy................

This is Bob

I took 3 of my Anconas to the show and my hen won BB-BV here is the trio I took

The rest of the family

can you spot the ancona chick?

Here she is they are both the same age from the same broody mama, she is really small,the others started to lay and I did not want a small ancona so I sold her.

Pullet in the back is a mix from a Leg horn Roo and Ancona hen

first and only time broody here she is

I got a second Ancona broody!!!!!!! 2 years later.