Here are some updated pics of the girls & their home.
These are the girls in the coop when I first brought them home in May:

Pretty girl.

The old shed that I converted for the chickies:

A friend was giving away a sturdy dog run due to relocating, & I put it to good use. =)

The run is almost complete. I need to find a slightly more hardy tarp for the winter.

Another run picture. (It's not really visible, but I buried hardware cloth all around the run because the silly girls like to poke their heads through the chain link.)

My new pop-door.

Chickening around.

Fighting a tiny bit over some food.

My makeshift nest boxes,& the FIRST EGG!!!!!!

Another picture of the firstegg. (Yeah, I was very excited.)

The finished product.

Me & one of the girls.

I have some "Chicken TV" video clips on YouTube. Check them out if you're bored.