Hi there :ya
Our coop projects have been great fun and learning experiences for us. Thanks for the wealth of information on BYC forum.

First part of renovations: Our home was built in 1841. On our property there was this old 3 or 5 seater (we are not sure) out house. Over the years this building has been many things. From a storage shed, pool shed, dog house. you name it. What we invisioned was a chicken coop.

chickens009-3.jpg Before ( front and back) chickens014-2.jpg

We Started by ripping off the roof and a new paint job.

coop2-1.jpg coop3.jpg coop1-1.jpg The little buildings in the back are small coops in case we need them for an emergency They have very small run space and can house 2 to 3 birds temporarily.
Next is the new roof.

022.jpg babies4014.jpg babies4012.jpg You can see on both ends that small little coops.
Here is a couple of inside shots.

chickens2017-1.jpg chickens2018-1.jpg
We insulated were we could and the coop held up great during a winter storm. We got 2 feet of snow. My son was helping us dig out. We were very scared for the chickens.

031-2.jpg 033-1.jpg 035.jpg 036-1-1.jpg
Spring 2008 we decided to start our expansion project. With the cost of living sky rocketing we decided to build with little or no cost. We gathered materials from old construction jobs from us, friends, neighbors etc.

Fram work and floor starting

chickens006.jpg chickens004.jpg
Then came Some walls and a door. No hinges yet. oops

babies4011.jpg Then the siding and windows, and roof

009.jpg 019.jpg 016.jpg 020.jpg
It has its porch now.

009-4.jpg 010-3.jpg

Some inside pictures
010.jpg 007-1.jpg 030.jpg Feed storage room in the coop :)