Hi there. My name is Ann, My husband Rich and I live in a little town called Appleton in NY. We are in what ya call the "sticks". We have a house full of teenagers and a 20 year old son out on his own. Our chickens are our relaxation. I am sure there is no need to explain you all know what I mean.
We have lots of chickens.
6 Rhode Island reds , 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 grey Silkies, 2 Black Jersey Giants, 1 mixed little chicken, 2 Barred rocks, 5 buttercups, 5 light Brahmas, 3 EE's, 1 Partridge Rock, 3 White leghorns, 3 Red Sexlinks, and whatever is in the incubator. lol
Here are some pictures, I will add more as they grow up. Or any "Koadak" moments I get.
Thanks for looking
This is our very first chicken "MAMA"

422chickens006.jpg 004-1.jpg

bator015.jpg bator006.jpg babies4025.jpg babies4021.jpg 012-2.jpg chickens013-1.jpg babies4004.jpg babies4006.jpg brahmas001.jpg