Attached coop with tunnel!

Horse barn with equipment shed. First section of shed under construction for coop Nests and chickens inserted Second section of shed made into...
By Kendrasueh · Aug 8, 2017 ·
  1. Kendrasueh
    With our growing family of chickens, it was time to graduate them out of their 10'x10' cage into a real coop and yard. Turning one of 7 sections of equipment shed into a coop seemed the way to go as it would triple the size of the cage. After framing and getting the walls up, we added siding to match the barn, 2 large windows, a people door, a chicken (dog) door, 2 sets of 10 nest boxes, hardware cloth wire around the bottom of the walls for predator protection and of course the girls, all 45 of them and 3 roosters. l7217fd44-m8xd-w640_h480_q80.jpg
    IMG_1811.JPG IMG_2229.JPG IMG_2622.JPG IMG_2906.JPG IMG_2909 (1).JPG IMG_2918 (1).JPG IMG_2923.JPG The second section of shed was wired for a run but just wasn't large enough for happy chickens so...Now, to get them from the coop to the best location for a yard is 90'!!!! Of course a tunnel seemed the best way to go. We ordered wire garden hoops used to make covered vegetable rows, placed them about 3' apart down the side of the barn, around the stock pen, along the short end of coral and out to their new 1/2 acre yard, fenced with 7', 1" chicken wire. Using the same wire we laid sheets over the hoops leaving 1' extra on each side of the hoops. Secure the wire to the hoops using cage clips, and secure the extra wire tight to the ground with landscaping pins. For ease of catching or containing chickens in any section, we left 1 1/2 " gaps in the tunnel in 3 places in order to slide a 1"x2'x2' board to close off any section. Since our flock is addicted to chicken crack (wormies) they have learned to race each other through the tunnel knowing that their snack awaits them at the other end.

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  1. casportpony
    "Very clever!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    It's like a cattle chute for chickens. Great pictures.


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