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Articles from DinosRBirds

DinosRBirds Before These, for people who havn't seen the pics around the forums, are my now deceased chickens from my last flock. I had 2 more before this pic was taken, but they were also killed by a coon. Poor babies.And even before those chickens died, i had 6 chickens, but two died as chicks. The ones seen below are the ones who survived chickhood, and the first coon attack, but sadly, not the next one. I can't help feeling that I should've skipped school that day so they...
AAAHHH!! IT UNCAPITALIZED MY LETTERS!!! OK, ANYWAYS... Welcome to my BYC page... my other ones stink so this one was born. Goals: Finish My book!!! Teach peepz 2 draw. Make a Macromedia series..... of my book!
Breed Details: This breed was featured in Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck". They are used for meat. They are always white with pale pink bills and lay 35-100 eggs a year. They do not fly. Rooster Hen Egg Chick Adolescent

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