In search of the perfect omelet...
Working on construction of the first coop Aug 2009.

We are north of Flint, Michigan and just getting started on this chicken raising thing. I will try to update these pages so others can learn from our mistakes.


Lonna with the newest additions - 3 hens from the 4-H auction- Barred Rock - Rhode island Red and Buff Orpington
At this point with 7 months of fresh eggs I think we must be hooked since we just bought 3 more. For the list of our current chickens see our-current-flock page

Started this Sept 10, 2009 with three 18-20 weeks old pullets. This pic is the first night....we got them out of the cat carriers and into the coop without a good start.

The coop is a chicken tractor using a kids plastic playhouse in a modification on a Mother Earth News plan. Will post pics when we have time- and maybe write up actual plans if anyone is interested.


These are our girls, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, Australorp, and an ISA Brown Me holding Isa.