I'm Back On The Farm... again
I grew up on a farm and moved away when I went to college. 15 years of marriage and two kids later, we moved back on to the farm. Growing up we never had chickens and ducks - only lots of cows, cats, and dogs. My kids asked if they could have duck and I've always wanted chickens. So here I am - 8 baby chicks in the basement under a heat lamp, waiting on a coop, planning a chicken run, and trying to figure out with the family what type of ducks to get.
I've got 2 RIR's, 2 Golden Comets, 2 Plymouth Rocks (I don't think they are PR's... they are white - White Rocks???), and 2 Black sex links. The chick with the feather in her mouth - always seems to have a feather in her mouth.
Not sure why. Thought she was picking on others, but after watching them, she's not picking on anyone.
My other family includes my very patient and loving husband, two boys, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, and a few fish in the aquarium... it is getting to be a regular zoo around here.