I did it. I brought two ducks home yesterday. I added to the family 2 White Pekin ducks. They are so cute. Only a few days old, but they are the same size as my chicks. I put them in the same brooder and they all seem to be getting along fine. At first, the chicks were interested in who they were and I think the ducks thought they were getting ganged up on - a few pecks here and there for a few minutes and then everything was fine.
The ducks will be pets. My boys have always wanted ducks. Since we are using the chickens for eggs and meat, the ducks will be pets. I'm not sure if I have boys, girls, or a mix - time will tell. They are both very chatty and loud. Love the water bowl and even though they know that they can't fit in the water bowl - they still try.

We had an unexpectedally warm day and I wanted to see if the ducks would follow me outside. So I took them out - they were so excited to be outside, talking and walking the entire time. They followed me around the yard. When I stopped, they would come over and sit on my shoes. I thought that they would start to eat the new grass, but they were too interested in all that was going on around them. Can't wait till they can be outside more often - it also means warmer weather :)