Dear Reader,
Currently I do not keep any poultry. Let me introduce you to my life so far with poultry. I’m --- years old, and ever since I was four I always wanted to own a duck, goose or chicken. A friend of my parents, Oom Piet kept lots of chickens, and some geese. Since he was in the same town as us I always came to visit and to care for his chickens, and geese. I continually told myself I would have chickens one day. Last year my sister Yvonne, (who has moved to Oz)introduced us to a pet shop in Boksburg. I was looking for a lovebird cock for my lone hen. As I walked around the corner I saw a mutt hen and her chicks. That’s when you could say “love at first sight”, I begged my mother to get me a chick, but my mother said no and explained that they need a coop (house) for them which we did not have. The next day July 5th , I jumped onto the internet and typed in “feather footed chickens”. I came across Murray McMurray Hatchery. I started convincing my mother (who doesn’t really like chickens) that we needed chickens. As I started searching to find out more about chooks, I found the BYC ( and on September 29th I joined as the 6th South African. From there my passion grew until I wanted to join my local poultry club. I haven’t had a pleasant experience at all, that doesn’t bother me.

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