Dear BYCers,
I'm a coop enthusiast, and always seraching for easy ways to construct chicken coops, thus I've decided to start a series of coop ideas which might help the odd person choose the right coop.
In this chapter we'll be looking at the "Gypsy Chicken Coop" idea.

How did you get the idea of a Gypsy Coop?

.Well it started when I was browsing through some classifieds, and a caravan was for sale. Then the idea popped into my brain. How about a Gypsy or Caravan coop? It would make an excellent tractor coop, and possibily for pastured poultry as well. Thus, I decided to research the idea and I'm glad with what I have found


The above illustrates what came to mind, Gypsy Caravans becoming chicken coops.