Battle Of The Brooders

  1. rsleghornchicki
    I have been looking at forums and noticed lots of people asking questions about what type of brooder is the best. For years we have used old cardboard boxes for brooders but they can be easily soaked and unless cared for super good, are not reusable. Now I have ordered around 20 chicks from I deal and I set up 2 brooders for them. While in a second hand store I found a clean plastic box and I bought it for around $2 dollars.[​IMG][​IMG] As you can see I have already added the feeder and water for the chicks. Not all the chicks could fit in here. This type of box would be great for a pair of ducks or geese because they can be messy and this would be an easy clean because of the plastic. It could be stored easily.
    Goods Bads
    * Easy cleaner * Slippery surface may cause spraddle leg if not covered
    *Can be reusable * Little kids could tip over
    *Comes in many sizes
    * Cheap
    *Great for messy fowl

    [​IMG][​IMG]Now for the common cardboard box. I have been using this for years. They are good for just about anything exept waterfowl because they soak up ALOT. Even if you have absorbent bedding/pads in the box. They are flamable and cannot be reused because it soaks so much in. You don't as much risk for spraddle leg as the plastic box but it is still possible. You CAN'T wash this. So you will be getting a new one every time you get new fowl. This is a terrible carry case for heavy poultry. I think only light Japanese type banties could do it.
    Goods Bads
    * Light weight * Soaks up bacteria
    * Usually free * Not good for waterfowl
    * Cuttable * Not reusable
    * Little kids can tip it over
    * Highly flamable

    So,in the end, based on my experiences, I think that plastic boxs are the best chick brooders.
    I hope this helped you alot.

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