Welcome to Triple Springs!
Six generations of Gentry's were raised on this farm. It originally grew tobacco, soybeans, corn, milo, wheat, and a multitude of different vegetables. The family also raised hogs, cows, a mule and a whole lot of chickens! The chicken "coop" housed as many as 500 chickens at one time. When Granny got rid of the chickens, part of the roof was raised three to four feet to allow for a lift to be installed so it could be used as a shop that is still in use today. The leanto Granny used as a brooder eventually became a carport. Since the farmhouse is no longer occupied and is being used as storage by multiple cousins, we'll probably use part of the old brooder for our chickens.

Once we remove the swingset, we'll build our coop to encompass this area. Our house faces due South and in the Summer, this part of the yard gets full sun. In the winter, I plan on purchasing a solar powered electrical stake to power a heat lamp in the coop when necessary.

Starting construction on the coop. (We haven't moved the swingset, yet. We'll probably do that once the coop is finished and before the run is started.

Next stage in construction. We're using wood from shipping crates we got from work and whatever usable leftovers from building our house.

The design changes as we go along. My husband and I, fortunately, think along the same lines in just about everything, so it's not a hastle. In the next pic, you'll see our plans "expanded" a bit! :)

Another angle: (taken 3/17/2011)

And at the end of the day:

...And the "skin" is on along with the rafters!

Another angle...

Moving right along! :)