Being away for a while.

Going on vacation? Check this out!
By Emojikitten · Jun 19, 2017 · ·
  1. Emojikitten
    You just told yourself, why not go on a vaycay? You buy some tickets to Hawaii and you get ready to go, but one more thing... your chickens! They can't take care of themselves! In this article, you will learn how to deal with this.

    Finding care

    First ask a TRUSTED friend to take care of them. Then, you need to show them where you keep the food, how to fill the water, and what you would like them to do with your chickens.

    Leaving them with the keys

    Make sure your friend knows how to take care of your chickens. Quiz them if you like. Then go say goodbye to your little chickens. Give them little pets and hugs...

    Missing them...

    Sure, I've been on vacations and missed my chickens much. If you don't miss them, then why do you have chickens?
    You should ask your friend taking care of your little chickens to send pictures, or if you're weird like me, FaceTime with them so they can see you, and you can see them. It's okay to miss your chickens.

    Getting back!

    After that relaxing Hawaii trip, you're ready to go home. On the way home, you should bring a treat for them. Just to show that you care about them.
    As soon as you get there, thank your friend. And then open the treat and set it down on the ground. Let them out of their cage to feast, and for them to be pet (if your chickens will let you pet them) be very nice to them so they will get used to you again.

    Or you can just skip all of that and sneak them onboard... : )

    I hope this helps guys! Stay tuned for more!

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  1. achiekitty
    FaceTime, that is so funny. But I can see myself doing that and I wish I did when I was out of the country last year. But my husband was home and he got to bond with them. I have to admit we haven’t been away together for more than 2 nights since we got the chickens last year - 2016.
    We came back from a 3 week road trip and got the chickens. We were going to take a separate road trip to Las Vegas. That would be at least 3 nights. I’m not sure my parents could manage and we can’t take the girls with us. They will not be allowed back into California and I don’t want them ending up as Las Vegas show hens.
  2. Whittni
    Add pictures!
  3. ChickNanny13
    Ha ha....You vacation in Hawaii & I do my Grandma trips to AZ in the Spring, FL in the Summer from Hawaii. I started chickens (2013) raising from hatch to 8wks for a friend, I'd keep a few (4-6) but always rehomed back to her in April & starting again in Sept. Last Oct got 5 Blue Wynadottes @ 6 months, they were laying 5 eggs a day before I left for AZ in April, they went back to the lady. I just got 4 BO @ 8wks, won't be making my Summer trip this year.

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