Belgian D Uccle
porcelain Created by teddiliza
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

I fell in love with this bantam breed, the sweetest and tamest of the few bantam breeds I've owned. Even the roosters can be calm and don't spend their days fighting if raised together. This breed if raised with love and careful handling enjoys being petted, and you should avoid wearing your best clothing around them as you might become a perch for a friendly hen. Some of the roosters can get nippy though. The porcelain is a different take on the 'mille fleur' pattern, reminding me of fine light colored marble. Mine started laying at 6 to 8 months old, and are laying every other day. They do have a tendency to go broody and are very good mothers- in my flock. They do tend to get shabby foot feathers in a free range situation if on hard clay. They tend to be under-represented at shows, but also make good show birds if you can keep their foot feathers looking nice. Come visit the d'uccle thread!




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My first 2 d'uccle chicks-- pure impulse buy-- the best ever, and the calmest and cutest in the bin at the feed store​


60 is​

My curious little Glitter, with the boys looking for bugs. They are great foragers!​



d'uccles are really good flyers, I use 6 feet tall fencing in my run, but they could clear it if they really wanted to.​



Sugardaddy was so sweet and earned his name. He's got the best beard and fluffy feet!​