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  1. Bettacreek
    My Offerings:

    Poultry related:
    One set of "Eggies". These are brand new, in box, six per box. These are the things you use to crack an egg open and hard boil it without having to peel. Each set also has a bonus Egg separator (to separate whites from yolks).

    10 Poultry Nipples (vertical)

    5 Poultry/rabbit Nipples (spring loaded/horizontal)

    Soaps and such:
    2 bars of Soap. I have silk, goat milk and sheep milk soaps available. Please contact me for available scents. :)

    1 Sugar Scrub tube - these are professional emulsified scrubs and will last several showers. Please contact me for available scents. :)

    Small flat rate box filled with random soaps (UNLABELLED AND UNWRAPPED). They will be various scents or unscented, end pieces, odd cut bars, or molded sample soaps (heart shaped) or bars that are blemished. Blemished bars may include salt bars as well. I'll make sure that you get at least 12oz of usable soap, which is equal to 3 bars of soap. It's perfectly fine soap, just not sales worthy because of blemishes, ugly bars, miscuts or in the case of sample bars, because I'm too lazy to figure out how to wrap them in a presentable manner.

    Fiber Arts:
    4oz Brown Alpaca fleece. Raw condition.
    4oz brown llama fleece. Raw condition

    Sebastopol goose eggs
    Tuxedo Button quail eggs
    African Harlequin quail eggs

    Plastic egg trays (to fit a 1202). I could definitely use chicken trays, and if they make anything larger, that'd be nice as well.

    Other odd eggs might spike my interest as well, let me know what you've got. (NO white or tan laying standard sized chickens though, except the leghorns) I could most certainly be talked into a trade for guinea eggs or something like that, lol.

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  1. Tammy N
    I bet it does . For anyone Interested has some organic seeds . I wish i knew where to get beets and Corn . Sorry i am of no help
  2. emvickrey
    I got Oatmean and Honey soap and it smells just heavenly.

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