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Blk Australorp

By LauraSBale · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LauraSBale
    • Class- English
    • Standard- Bantam
    • Colors- Black
    • Comb Type- Red Signal 5 points, can be large, with front point being small
    • Skin/Foot Color- White, feet Dark Slate
    • Wattles- Red, smooth oblong
    • Earlobes- Red, smooth oblong
    • Clean/Feathered Feet- Clean
    • Number of Toes- 4
    • Other Physical Characteristics- Very Black Shine w/iridescence green. Soft Feathers
    • Egg Color- Brown/ Med Large
    • Weight- Cockerel 7 lb, Pullets 5 lb. Bantams 2 lb
    • Conservation Study- Recovering
    • Cold Hardness- Very Hardy
    • Broody/Mothering Ability- Good Brooder and Mother
    • General Temperament- Docile, sweet, shy
    • Additional Notes- Developed in Australia from Orpingtons. Early Maturing. Dual Purpose. Know for the egg production can lay up to 309 eggs a year. Can be used as a dual propose
    1 Day 1 Day

    1 Week 1 Week
    2 Weeks 2 Weeks

    3 Weeks 3 Weeks
    4 Weeks 4 Weeks
    6 Weeks 6 Weeks
    [SIZE=4] [U] 8 Weeks[/U] [U] 8 Weeks[/U] [/SIZE]
    [LEFT][B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4] [U] 12 Weeks[/U] [U]12 Week[/U]s [/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
    [B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4][LEFT][B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4] [U]16 Weeks[/U] [U]16 Weeks[/U]
    [B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4][LEFT][B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4] [U]Adult[/U] [U]Adult[/U][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/LEFT]
    [B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4][U] COLORS[/U]
    1. 4.
    2. 5.
    3. 6.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/LEFT]
    [B][FONT=Times][SIZE=4][LEFT][B][U][FONT=Times][SIZE=4]EGG COLOR PICS:[/SIZE][/FONT][/U]

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