11-18-09: Wednesday
My first blog! I think I will just jump right in...
I don't know about you, but molting season is in full swing here...My first experience with molting was not so great when I decided last year to go "au naturel" and not supplement lighting throughout the Winter months. Two of my girls started a feather picking habit which left me dealing with bald patches on almost every chicken throughout the entire rest of the year. Nothing like a chicken or two with bare bums to bring laughs to visitors! This year, however, I was able to separate the culprits, and the molting is proving to be much less stressful (for me) this time around. My fingers are crossed that I have figured this one out!
Winter feels just around the corner, although today it is blue skies and sunshine with just a little bit of crisp in the air...perfect for chickens...speaking of which, I think I will go out and spend a little quality time with my girls on this fine afternoon!
Happy Chickening :)

7-20-10: Tuesday
Long time since that first blog! It's been a busy 8 months...I got married!! I had visions of carrying a chicken down the aisle instead of a bouquet, but no one else seemed to think that was a very good idea...least of all the guy that runs the chapel :)
My girls have been so uncomfortable in all this heat. I hate to see them panting and hanging their wings down...but I'm doing everything I can think of, short of bringing them inside the air conditioned house with me. I've been tempted to do just that, but worry that they'll feel even worse when they have to go back down since I can't really keep them in the house. I'm icing the water...keeping the fan on...picking up the poops so as little heat is generated as possible...making sure they have cool, loose, dirt to dust bathe in. Just hoping the heat will break soon...it can't be a good sign when the egg laying starts to slow down. I worry about the stress on their systems, but wonder if they aren't maybe more resilient than they look. At least the mornings are relatively comfortable and they can roam a bit and visit with their mum before the heavy heat sets in.
It will be Winter all too soon...I think I'll take the heat!