Tracy's Page
(a.k.a. Karmical)

Hi Everybody!
Three years and counting since starting out with my first batch of day-old baby chicks, and I am still LOVING LOVING LOVING being a chicken-momma. This forum has been such a haven and fantastic resource, and the reason I still have some semblance of sanity thanks to the patient folks that love to "talk chicken".
I'm located about 30 minuted south of Rochester, NY and started with a mixed flock consisting of seven hens:
1 Barred Rock - Randie
1 Partridge Rock - Ginger
1 Buff Rock - Buffy
2 Austrlorps - Dot and Veronica
2 Salmon Faverolles - Laverne and Shirley
I'm not sure how, but I've managed to not fall victim to the addictive nature of chicken-raising and have stuck with my original girls. We're a very tight-knit group most days, and I've managed to train them to be VERY attentive to the sound of shaking a plastic baggie filled with sunflower seed hearts. It's great to feel like you have some semblance of influence over the group when it's time to gather them back together inside their run after a session of free ranging in the back yard. Randie, loose cannon that she has been since day one, oftentimes prefers to range until the last minute and requires being located and carried back to the coop. Which, of course, I don't really mind since I'll use any excuse to pick up one of my girls and give her kisses. My husband is not crazy about this (the chicken-kissing), but bless his heart, he's adjusted to it very well. In fact, for someone who's never had a pet, let alone a pet that masquerades as a farm animal, he does quite well with them on many counts.
Take care, thanks for visiting, and happy chickening!
See you on the forum :love
Update: 11/09 - I'm one less chicken this Fall :-( One of my Australorps (Veronica) prolapsed her vent and we weren't able to save her. Thanks to everyone out there who posted about prolapses...I feel like we were at least able to do our best to try to help her.
Some photos:
This is Shirley...there is also a Laverne of the same breed...
This is Randie...a.k.a. this pic as it looks like she's belting out a high C!