I just got the DH (Dear Honey) and dear brother to get materials and start building today, We have gotten many things for free from generous individuals. I will be thanking them at the completion of the coop!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! I been wanting a coop since last summer!!!
All of this would not have been possible if it weren't for the wonderful couple in West Virginia that gave us all the pallets and "skid Lids" for FREE Her name was Lisa and her husband Bill, Sad to regret we never got to meet each other in person although we have emailed back and forth and I have shown her what her generosity and wood have produced, also thanks to a couple out in Martinsburg, Pa for a whole box truck load of wood, I think he was more happy to get rid of the wood then we were to have it HA HA. Thanks to all who helped with my coop. BYC for the info, Lisa and Bill, and the Yinglings in Martinsburg for all the great wood!!

So here is the first picture.......This is the space for the chickies.....

This is the floor starting.......aren't they in the Christmas spirit!!!

This is the roof going up.......Dear friend also stopped by to help!!!!!!

This is the roof done for now and the floor getting leveled. This was all done today so far and I can't get them to come in, and it is 20 degrees out there!

We are using "skid lids" for the walls, torn apart. We got a bunch of them for free.

The pallets already had "feet" on them on the bottoms, then to make it level the boys added pieces of wood to the "feet". Then we broke the pallets apart and layed another layer on the pallets in a design pattern to look neat, so the floor is two layers pallets and another layer of pallets for looks and leveling. It is mostly scrap wood, we did have to buy the 2x6's and 2x10's. Here are some more pictures...
Just before running out of screws

These are the pieces of wood we got from the pallets.

If you can see there in the front on the left side where it sticks out a bit, we are putting like a porch, with gables the chcikens can perch on it but it will be mostly for looks. lol like the front of a playhouse




Window perch so they can see out side. lol

Nesting boxes so far........need a little fine tuning and detail yet, little to "rough" for me.

I have about 20 chickens now they are all making a huge mess in my garage right now patiently awaiting their house to be finished. LOL My guy really was determined to get this done because he has to go back to work tom. his boss gave him three days off to build the coop.

This is our back yard right now!!!! Snow is coming down still like crazy!!


This is almost done DH went to hardware store to get hinges to put the door on, and then we will put on a little ramp up to the porch and then just little stuff like trim around the window. I would like to have a window box on the outside of the window.

IT is finished...



This is a feeder DH wanted to make.




I think they like the music, and unless we need it else where it will stay in there for now. I am going for pine shavings today. See how they like that and I need a waterer too. And we need to make a few more roosts, but we are pretty much finished.