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  1. Tre3hugger

    Pallet/Scrap Wood/2x4 coop build:8x4 coop for about $250(Pic heavy)

    I built this using 2x4s and pallets/scrap wood. I also bought roofing materials. It's 8x4xabout 9 ft high and cost around $250. I'm a novice builder, and this project presented a lot of...problem solving opportunities. Not much was square etc due to the recycled material but I made it work...
  2. TXCrazyChickenMimi

    Coop/run advice please

    Hi y’all! New chicken momma here! We have 10 acres and for now are putting our coop/run inside of our fenced in back yard. We live in Texas, it gets HOT. We have 4 Easter eggers that are 2.5 months old & 5 silkies that are 3 weeks old. We quickly learned that the coop we had made wasn’t large...
  3. 21hens-incharge

    Drawing up plans for the duck house.

    In drawing up the duck house plans I find I have questions. 🤔 Will a 4' tall back wall be high enough? I know that will limit standing fully upright to clean but with a single slant roof it shouldn't be to bad. ..maybe. The front wall is looking like 6'3" will be my max height. Do you find...
  4. Livwhitwoo

    Pallet DIY Small Chicken Coop

    Hi All! I've just taken on an allotment site in my local UK based village. I've been looking at purchasing a coop to put on the allotment for my two chooks however they're all extremely expensive for something that looks like with a huff of wind, it'll topple over. My farmer friend delivered...


    made my pen from pallets all by my self - pretty proud
  6. DUCK Incubation & Raising Ducklings ~ Sally Sunshines NOTES

    DUCK Incubation & Raising Ducklings ~ Sally Sunshines NOTES

    I wont rewrite what is already perfectly written online for the sake of an article, but I will offer you the links/conversations to the wonderful info I gathered to have many successful Duck incubations & Raising ! YOU TOO can be successful at it! DUCK INCUBATION: I suggest you read The...
  7. G

    Coops made from pallets?

    Seems like using pallets is a cheap but effective way to build a coop. Please share your pallet coops and designs.
  8. Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing the coop I designed and built using old pallets. I'm petty handy so after looking at too many coop plans to count I decided to design and build my own incorporating the features I wanted for my small flock of 4-7 chickens. For starters, I wanted...
  9. spiritpots

    my first coop - pallet/insulation question

    I live in Minnesota and am working on plans to build my first coop to accommodate 5-6 chickens. My plan is to build a 24 sq.ft. coop, which from what I have read is the advised 4 sq.ft. of coop space per hen. There will also be a 72 sq.ft. attached, covered run for the chickens when they are not...
  10. Soon2BChixMom

    My pallet hybrid coop!

    We have gone back and forth with what to do for a different coop for my chickens (we = my husband and I). I was given my chickens in October and went out and bought a prefab. While the prefab has done what it is supposed to, I wanted more for my chickens especially for the rural open field area...
  11. Elmochook

    My pallet coops and ideas needed for play cube coop

    **pic heavy lol sorry** I love pallets! They are awesome, you can do so much with them and they are like grown up Legos. The 1st pic is my most recent coop built entirely of pallets and scrap wood. The fence is tied together in a lot of places for ease of removing and reconfiguring. Im working...
  12. Recycled Material Coop

    Recycled Material Coop

    Recycled Material Coop by Dinosaurolophus posted Sep 18, 2017 at 8:52 AM This is a picture of my coop made from recycled materials. I used an old swing set stand for the base and covered the sides with pallet boards. The paint is an old can of deck stain. Its main purpose was for housing...
  13. 16' x 16' Chicken Coop Made From Pallets

    16' x 16' Chicken Coop Made From Pallets

    Last Updated: 6/20/16 The coop is still under construction. It still needs the sides completed, windows finished, and paint. However it is to a point that we can put chickens in it! I will update as we progress. When I told my Dad that I wanted a 16' x 16' chicken coop, I really didn't think...
  14. Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop

    Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop

    UPDATES: As of 2017, my town allows up to 6 chickens per acre. I have scooted the coop over to where the wire run used to be, because my air flow works better in the Summer and Winter. I have wire covered/enclosed another maybe 15' X 32' area on both sides of the greenhouse so the hens can...
  15. The cheekin cabin!

    The cheekin cabin!

    Here are the timeline photos of my coop that my neighbors Jason and Brian helped me build in April of 2014. I was lucky enough to receive the majority of the materials including the pallets, windows and cedar shakes from Jason. I have about $250 invested in the OSB, plywood and hardware. The...
  16. Someday Farms Polish Pallet Coop

    Someday Farms Polish Pallet Coop

    Here are a few pictures from the coop build. I hope you enjoy please feel free to ask any questions and comment. I had a good level spot of ground we had at one time had an above ground pool so it already had a base level of sand as well. Our son He has this coop building down! I stood...
  17. Pallet Ritz

    Pallet Ritz

    So, I work at a school co-teaching 3 and 4 year old special needs children mixed in with general ed. Summer started and I was completely bored. I have had chickens before(every Easter) but never for long term. I convinced my husband I needed a project for the summer and he agreed to 5...
  18. our wing it Pallet Coop

    our wing it Pallet Coop

    We decided this year that we wanted to get chickens again after having every flock weve ever owned eaten by predators and we knew we needed to build a new coop 1) because the bear tore the entire back half of our old coop off 2)because we wanted to relocate it to a larger area that is less...
  19. No real plan just let the wood lead the way.

    No real plan just let the wood lead the way.

    So this is our coop we built out of wood we managed to find around the area.... we only bought four hinges, and some tar paper and shingles so far. (we have not done the run yet). so this is our story... it has taken only two days of solid work 0900-2000 the first day and 0800-1700 the second...
  20. Fort Chicken

    Fort Chicken

    After two raccoon attacks in which enlisted Chickens were killed at the Chicken outpost in Greenbrier, Arkansas, Colonel Red Rooster summoned the help of me to establish a coon proof fortress in which Chickens would longer fear the piddly little hands of a racoon. The result of the undertaking...
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