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  1. somedayfarms
    Here are a few pictures from the coop build. I hope you enjoy please feel free to ask any questions and comment.

    I had a good level spot of ground we had at one time had an above ground pool so it already had a base level of sand as well.

    Our son He has this coop building down!

    I stood the pallets a little different than most. Using a scissor car jack I popped off enough boards to
    cover all the gaps give it a real barn siding look.

    You can see here the gaps in the pallets. I used new lumber for the roof build
    and sourced used barn tin from crags list

    Wife decided we needed a window for cross ventilation. No problem!! second hand junk store!!!

    Its getting a lot closer to finished here. It has to be pretty secure.
    Those woods behind it hold all the worst kind of chicken thieves!

    Picked up an old door from another remodel project.

    So here we have it ... The Polish Pallet Coop... This was how the wife came home and
    found it on her birthday.

    A few more steps and this will be done!

    We added a small pen as sort of an infirmary or mama pen.
    The outside is run is done as well. Its been a good coop through the winter here work on
    it has slowed down a bit but all the Polish are safe and warm and we are starting to get eggs.

    Here is the finished small run its holding an injured roo. The youngun
    got to big for his britches and had a go at Franklin our big Red

    These are the three separate runs for Trio's of different colors.
    The southside vents there are covered in feedsacks for the winter. The vents open directly into the runs and
    allow for a nice breeze during the heat. The coop is built in the shade so over all it stays relatively cool.

    All the main woodwork here the 5/4 cca deck boards ripped in half they give you a nice meaty 2.5 in wide board to work with. I had some left over from another project all total there are less than 12 1x6x8 deck boards in this picture affordable and it was super easy to work with. (keep the rounded edge to the outside of the project)
    The nest boxes easy access from outside the pens. Polish Roo's don't seem to see that well
    and these young birds we have just hit first and ask questions later. I also left a small gap at the bottom of the nest box that allows me to scrape any debris into a cart from this side (don't make that as big as an egg)

    This is my cheap lazy feeder. These girls need a bigger area of feed made from a material
    that won't mess up their hairdo. This setup has worked well and they waste very little food. Just a cheap little scoop.

    I have a blacksmith buddy that has made me some door latches and its on my list to get done...
    (there is no reason to remind me every six months)
    We also found hanging a curtain between aggressive Roo's has brought a little peace to the coop.

    Hey its winter who's coop isn't in need of a spring cleaning
    Don't judge me :)
    Winter time I stuff every gap I can in the summer here we need as much ventilation as possible.


    So I can't get a real good picture of what I did between the walls. I will try to explain
    I Used 30pd tar paper (roofing felt) this stuff is tough tough tough. Folded and stapled to the inside of the pallets keeps out the air and has lasted now over a season without any damage from chickens or mice. Its also on my list to cover these gaps the way the front is done... I have a long list


    Each door of the three runs is built exactly like this.

    I am pretty sure she has eyes in there somewhere

    Here is Hulahoop and Hop Scotch... pretty birds her poof is just remarkable really! And he has earned his Devil horns he is a not very kind rooster.....

    There you have it ... The Polish Pallet Palace thanks for the interest and if you have any questions about building or design feel free to send me a message.

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  1. Nardo
    "Reused materials"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Apr 16, 2019 at 8:13 AM
    I like the look of this coop. I am interested in you saying you used a car jack to pop the pallet boards loose; I'm going to file that away for future use. At any rate, nice job and I know your flock is happy.
  2. MROO
    "Very stylish, but needs tweaking"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    This presents beautifully at first glance, but after the initial comment about there being so many predators in the woods, there isn't much on how to keep them out. Now that you've had the coop and run for a few years, some updates on how well the filter-cloth wall inserts and gap stuffing held up would be helpful. I love the style of this coop! I just wish there were more details on how it's put together.


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  1. MizPriz
    @somedayfarms Mr. Ramsey bosses us around too, but in our case, I suppose I am his minion! lol! We are currently in process of building our pallet coop and searching for cost-cutting ideas. As Hubs and I are neither one very construction savvy, I hold no hopes of ours looking as great as yours, but hopefully it will serve its purpose ;) Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas! And your Polish are lovely!!!
  2. 2karen22
    HOly MOly! This is fab. Yea, Dave is in my head...$$$$. Must cruise around for some wood.
  3. terrilee
    I like when people have a budget to meet, it makes their projects so much more interesting. It seems Mr. Ramsey is responsible for your creativity! Yours is about as cute as any I've seen. I'd vote this my favorite I've seen and told my hubby to check it out. Ours is still sitting in the snow awaiting walls!
  4. The Bird House
    Great looking coop!! I love all of the re-purposed materials. Nice design - great job...
  5. n3kms
    Great looking coop!
  6. somedayfarms
    Dave Ramsey and his minion aka My loving wife said I had a 400.00 budget. I found small lumber yard and asked for pallets they gladly gave them to me. I was not allowed to take the standard size pallets (big thick heavy ones) they said they could not reuse this type so its was a win win for them and me. Getting extra allowed me to take apart several and have boards to splice and the extra slats. A buddy of mine gave me a huge bucket of zip screws star bit type. If I would have had to buy it would have most likely taken me over my budget. The sheet metal I paid 7.00 a sheet for barn tin I kinda got stung on that craigslist deal. Just last week I bought 65 sheets for 2.00 a sheet but I had to take them off myself. Then new lumber for the roof. The coop is 10X12 with the 10x10 outside run. The inside and the wire was on a different budget and being finished in stages. As Mr. Ramsey allows I work on it here and there..... sometimes I don't like him much
  7. lovepeeps
    I love it. Yes we do need more pictures of the coop inside and out and the run
  8. PluckyClucker99
    Beautiful coop. Not including the pallets and decorations, can you give an number on how much it cost to build the coop?
  9. featherweightmn
    Looks great!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Mellow1
    Great job! From the pic, it's very rustic and homey.....very cool :)
  11. Brookliner
    Please more pictures of the inside and your customization.
  12. A HappyHenLover

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