The Biddies Arrive
In preparation to receive the new little biddies we converted an old dog kennel.


We placed pine shavings in the bottom and covered them with paper towels. We installed the light and monitored the temperature with the light and it hit 96 degrees. It is soooo clean here, but probably not again anytime soon.


The biddies shipped on the 5th and arrived the 6th of September, 2007. Here is the box in which they arrived. I had planned to take a picture of them in the box, but forgot about it as I knew they needed food & water.


We received 5 pairs of pullets: Golden Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorps, Ameraucanas, and Delawares. You can make out all of them here clearly except for the Golden Sex Links. One is behind the glass feeder and the other was being camera shy. See the video of them in action here.


I was able to get the GSL to pose almost too close in this picture.

Here are a few more images of them on their first day, we are so excited about them.



The cat is a little too excited currently and I had to add some 1/2" hardware cloth to the door of the kennel to keep its paws out.


Sandy spends most of her time for the first week laying atop the kennel with an eye on the little ones.