Our first chicken was a 'gift' from a co-worker which they named Hayden. They wanted him to have more room to roam instead of their backyard in the city, and they were concerned about the noises he was starting to make affecting their neighbors. The cockrell was brought home at easter by their daughter and then delivered to us July 23, 2007.


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand] They also delivered the pen built to keep Hayden in their backyard. Here is a close up of him from 'behind bars'.[/FONT]

Here is Hayden two weeks later, out of the pen. He had been following me around all over the yard.

Hayden posing for the camera at a little more than 5 months. I can tell that he has grown a little more, his tail feathers have started to climb on up there, and his comb continues to get a little larger.

The portable coup has been completed, see it on the 'Portable Coup' page.