Brooding Baby Chicks

By JennaMW14 · Nov 26, 2016 ·
  1. JennaMW14
    Are you wanting to get chicks or have already? Well if so here is a small guide to raising baby chicks.
    Feeding and Watering
    When feeding and watering baby chicks there are a few cautions to take before just dumping it in. When feeding I would consider getting a small chick feeder like this...
    You may also scatter food on the floor if you would like.
    Although if you have many chicks you are going to need a bigger feeder. You should get a feeder with enough room for ALL your chicks. So if you have 6-8 chicks this feeder is good for them, but if you have 25 chicks you will need a bigger feeder. The same goes with waterers, although you are going to need some rocks or marbles or something to place at the bottom of the water so the chicks won't drown. Like this...

    When getting chicks you need to have the brooder set up and ready before you go pick up the chicks. In the brooder the chicks will need plenty of food and water at all times. Also you should place about 4 inches of pine shavings on the floor of the brooder. The brooder should have lots of space for the chicks to run and scratch around in. Growing chicks need lots of space and that is VERY important! Although the most important thing is a heat lamp, you will need a heat lamp in the brooder to keep them warm. Here is how to control the heat lamp.
    The first week of there life the brooder must be kept at 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The second week at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and so on decreasing 5 degrees each week.
    Do this by keeping a thermometer in the brooder and continue to higher the lamp up each week.

    So here was a quick small guide to brooding baby chicks and I hoped I helped. Please PM me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I am happy to help! [​IMG][​IMG]

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