What chickens are best for you?

By JennaMW14 · Nov 25, 2016 · Updated Nov 27, 2016 ·
  1. JennaMW14
    Hello everyone, many people have been starting threads on getting chickens and the best breeds for them. I've actually have many times in the past on my old accounts. I would be freaking out and wouldn't know what breed of chickens to get, well that is why I decided to make this.


    Why do you want chickens? This is the main question and future answer into what breeds you want/need. Do you want chickens for eggs, or meat? Or are you just wanting them as a pet or maybe to teach your kids about how to be responsible or the life cycle? Well if you are wanting chickens for eggs you will want a breed that lays plenty of eggs. You don't want to just go out and buy a bird thinking all chickens lay eggs whats the problem. Well actually that's the problem many people regret. People go out not knowing anything about chickens and end up with all roosters, which they can't even have! BE READY and know what your doing before you buy chickens!

    If you are wanting chickens for eggs maybe the following would be good breeds for you. Please research the birds before buying.
    * Leghorn
    * Orpingtons
    * Rhode Island Reds
    * Sussex
    * Barred Rocks
    * Golden Comets or other hybrids
    * Barnevelder
    And many more...all you have to do is go to google or here on BYC and type it in!

    If you are wanting chickens for meat the best breed is probably the Cornish Cross. The Cornish Cross is a amazing, fast growing meat bird or broiler. Jersey Giants are also are a pretty good meat bird.

    If you want chickens as pets you are probably wanting a calm, gentle bird. I've had good experience with Rhode Island Reds, Columbian Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Partridge Rocks and more. Although Easter Eggers and some Orpingtons don't like being petted and some can be mean. The following breeds may be a good suit for you...
    * Barred Rock
    And more, again just search some up and/or PM me. I would be happy to help you in any way I can.
    Also a few years ago I used this amazing survey called the My Pet Chicken Breed Selector Tool, it is amazing!
    [​IMG] So go check it out and I hoped I helped.
    Good Luck!

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