Happy Happy Hens!
Im now 13 and on my birth day i got a rooster and named him Hershey. he is a silki and bearded d'uccle mix. he looks nothing like his dad and gets his looks from his mom. we share a very close bond even if he runs away. I remember the day he popped out of his box and flew over to my bed and landed on my face. Then the first day he crowed it sounded like a diying animal(and it still does). he is atleast 7 months now and is eyeballing my hens from outside of the coop. My parents have now banned him from the house after the "poo on the carpet" incedent. Im surprised they even let him in the house in the first place. The day that he dies will be the most depressing thing in my life. I love you Hearshey<3

Hello, on easter day i found out that my favorite hen died. i have no idea how. she was one years old, hen, and she was in the hen house. She was a buff orphington. if you have a idea how she passed pleeeeeeaaaaase write me! she was my favorite hen and she was the only one who followed me every where.her name is Sonny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!