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By Madddawg · Mar 18, 2015 · Updated Apr 12, 2015 ·
  1. Madddawg
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    I have seen bucket feeders and PVC feeders But Haven't seen one like this. I wanted to be able to feed from outside the coop And keep plenty off feed available for them. So here is the process
    Get you some 4" PVC pipe( however long you think you will need I used a piece about 5' long ) and 2 45 degree elbows. One of them a street elbow. like the one pictured below and the other one a connector( i think I have the terminology right) And some coder pins.
    Mark and cut a 4" diameter hole using the street elbow in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket.

    Drill 8 holed in just far enough so that the pipe will stick into the bucket.

    Inside the bucket

    Outside the bucket
    And connect your pipes. No glue required. You can just sink a couple screws in to hole them together.

    I wound up switching the short and long tubes around.
    In order to get the right size and shape of the hole Cut take a piece of the pipe and cut it at a 45 degree angle (A miter saw is good for that) Then you can cut a hole in the wall to get the pipe through. ( I didn't take any pictures of that) One thing you may have to do is take off a little more off the bottom of the wall to account for the thickness of the wall.
    Here is the pipe sticking through
    Here is the outside. Its a little high but I can deal with it.
    Connect the downspout.

    Drill some 1/2 holes in the pipe. and, I , connected a heavy plastic plate to it by screwing a block of wood inside to the PVC pipe and then screwed the plate to the block of wood from the bottom. You may have to find and use something different. Like maybe the bottom 2" of a 5 Gallon bucket.


    A couple of notes
    On the floor I Put a lid of a dryer on the floor To keep it dry under the Chicken nipples
    About Che Chicken nipples. They Are plumbed in from outside out of a 5 Gallon bucket also. I have the drop down ones for the younger chicks. It will come off when they can reach the taller ones.
    Here are a few pictures of the finished product.



    Edit....I am guessing because of the weight of the feed, it packs down to much. 1/2" holes are not big enough. I had to make them bigger in order to get enough feed to come out.

    EDIT the Edit....I Wallowed out most of the holes with a 1/2 drill bit. That was too much. Way to much feed comes out. Had to tape some shut. I guess Its just a matter of finding the right combination.

    Here is the first feeder I made for them while they where in the brooder. Same principle on a smaller scale
    Worked just fine with 1/2 " holes.

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