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  1. buffbeauty
    Kassandra's Swap Page
    (a work in progress)

    OK, just so there is a list somewhere.....
    homemade GM soap
    2 bars, choose your scents

    Cranberry Fig
    Coconut Lime Verbena
    Amber Romance
    Spearmint Eucalyptus
    Yuzu Grapefruit - temporarily out
    Wake-up Rosemary
    Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
    Applejack & Peel - ugly but smells great. HA!!

    Handmade whipped shea hand cream. Really good for heels and elbows. A little greasy for my liking for hands unless you rub it in really good then wash off and then hands feel great! Only takes a tiny bit... Brown sugar fig or cool citrus basil
    Brand new pkg huggies size 6 26ct diapers (even if my 3.5yr old still wore diapers these whoppers still wouldn't fit!!) (4 available)
    1 qt bag of dried lavender flowers to be used in soap making, etc

    Primo Trades - Bantam Salmon Faverolles eggs

    Swaps owed

    Hentymes - cool citrus basil shea cream 11/27
    mrheinz77 -
    Swaps waiting on
    krstms - laundry room signs

    cuntryuppiechick - silhouette cutout 11/27
    happyhens120 - placemats/coasters 11/27

    Swaps sent

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  1. dmccann
    We miss u on the swaps!

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